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Terms of Services

Chapter 1: General Provisions

  • Article 1- Objective
    1. The terms of service is based on www.591khmer.com (hereinafter referred to as "591"、 "this site "or "we") is a platform for real estate (land, warehouse, storefronts, houses) which make the clarification and the regulation of the right、obligations and responsibilities between the website and members for the purpose.

  • Article 2-Terms of service for publish and usage
    1. When you register 591, the website will ask you for agreeing the terms of service or not. The terms of service takes effect immediately if you check to agree it.
    2. We have the right to modify the terms of service、the privacy statement、disclaimer and any rules for now or in the future anytime. Any modification of these will be taken effect immediately once posted on our website.
    3. The website only offer the platform for publication. Hereby declare that the website won't take the responsibility for any user making the false information、cheating and the extortion via the "Website". It belongs to personal behavior.

Chapter 2: Application Services and Licensing

  • Article 3- Contract establishment and units’ usage
    1. The terms of service is the members who want to use 591 services (apply for membership) and get the permission (Register success). You can use the service on 591 after you agree to the Terms of Service and become our member.
    2. It needs to get the permission by legal representatives if the members' age under twenty years old when use 591 website. Also need to obey with the terms of service and the relevant regulations by laws. The website won't take any responsibility if the minor member has the disputes with the opposite transaction or other third party when use 591 website. The adults over 20 years old should make their own capacity to bear full responsibility. When you use or continue to use the 591, it means that your legal representative (or guardians) have read, understood and agree to all of the content and subsequent modifications or changes to the terms of this service.
    3. Sign up to become for a membership account as a unit. The applicant will be a member after registering.
    4. Use assumed name to become members who could not be protected by law and must bear all the responsibility on civil law and criminal law.

  • Article 4 -Service Application and registration information
    1. Application for using the service on the website which required the information are listed below:
     ※ Offer name、Phone and Email.
     ※ Use the name or E-mail to sing in.
     ※ Password
    2. The responsibility is taken by registrants if the information is not truth or erroneous information and other issues.
    3. The administrators have the right to stop or cancel the service or contract directly if log in via untrue information when is founded by the website. It should be in charge of the responsibility by the member who involved in.

  • Article 5- The permission and restrictions for applying the service
    1. Please fill up the information of Article V, paragraph 1 and check the agreement if you wish to join in the membership. It will become a member successfully if login correctly.
    2. The website can keep the expiration of application processing services because lacking of equipment or technology
    3. It won't be allowed to join in membership if there are situations below:
     A) Use someone else's name to apply it.
     B) The content of the information is not true when applying for services.
     C) Incapacitated persons under the age of seven.
     D) Members who violated the terms of the contract and would like to register the website again in the suspended period.
     E) The information are same as membership's information.
     F) Other conditions with applying 591

Chapter 3: Using Services

  • Article6- Member accounts, etc. management
    1. Member Account or password information could not be transferred, leased or loan to others.
    2. If no justified reason, members' account could not be shared with the others.
    3. Please advise customer service and process with the direction by customer service if Member's own account are stolen or used by third party.
    4. Members need to take the responsibility for the consequences caused by the management of their own account and password in poor or inappropriate way.

  • Article 7- Services
    591 provides the following services:
     1. Rental.
     2. The sale of services.
     3. Storefront services.
     4. New Housing Service.
     5. Advertising.
     6. Activities.
     7. Other 591 services at any time.

  • Article 8- Service interruption and maintenance
    1. When the following condition occurs, the 591 will be out of service temporarily:
     A) It has to stop the service when the system do the equipment maintenance or troubleshooting.
     B) Communications Group stop electronic communications services.
    2.591 needs to check system equipment routine maintenance and troubleshooting for maintaining a good quality of service. 591 will stop system services temporarily in the above situation. 591 members right will be suspended in this period of time.

Chapter 4: services usage

  • Article 9 - Service types
    1.591 provide services as shown in Article 8.
    2.591 retain the right to change services provided.
    3. 591 issues will be displayed on the web page in accordance with the type of service, characteristics of service, process and methods, etc... The members should understand and follow the publication with 591 service issues.

  • Article 10-Publish articles
    1. The articles were published in 591 website by members who need to comply with the provisions of the published rules and message rules of 591.
    2. Members must take the responsibility for making the loss of self or others because posting the false message on the 591 sites.
    3. The contents of the article publication:
     A) If members would like to add or change the article had published in 591 website, still need to comply with the 591 rule of the article publication. Otherwise the article could not be modified by members.
     B) The article message had been traded could not be deleted except getting 591 permission in advance.
    4. The obligations of members’ publication:
     A) Members should not publish illegal articles and false, forged message.
     B) Members must guarantee the true with the information published in 591. If there are disputes caused by less explanation or incompletion, members should be responsible for their own members.
     C) Members take the responsibility by themselves if did not obey the provisions of 591.
     D) 591 has the right to delete and modify the publication if the article repeated published or other irregularities.
    5. Member suspended:
     591 has the right to suspend the membership qualification in accordance with the rules of the violation.

Chapter 5: Personal data Protection

  • Article 11 - members’ personal data collection, the processing and the usage
    About your registration and other site-specific information under this "Privacy Statement" to be protected and specifications. You understand when you use the Service, you agree to the site based on "Privacy Statement" to collect your personal information, processing and utilization, including transnational (border) between the international transmission and storage.

Chapter 6: The damages and Disclaimer

  • Article 12- 591 is authorized by you
    "Based on respect for intellectual property rights and maintenance, you declare the anything included the text, images, files, notes, and information (hereinafter referred to as" Information ") that you upload, published, transmitted, or provide to 591 by your own creation or obtained legal authorization from others. Otherwise, you won't do the matters above. Any information once be uploaded, transmitted, provided and input by you, meaning you agree that and as terms of service、disclaimer and privacy statement. Also agree:
    1. 591 can collect, store, process, manage or use the data to index、grab、post in the public and be used to the related systems on the 591 network by 591 search tool.
    2. The free, perpetual, irrevocable license 591 may be based on the public interest or for the promotion, marketing or business 591 service purposes, collect, process, use, use, modify, reproduce, publicly broadcast, published, public transport, public release, translate, convert, distribute, publish such information, and in this context would have the right to sublicense the foregoing others. You and guarantee 591 and on open sites collect, process, use, use, modify, reproduce, publicly broadcast, published, public transport, public exhibition, translate, convert, distribute, distribute, sublicense such information, the will not have against any violations of intellectual property rights of others, otherwise deal with 591 and its affiliated companies bear liability for damages. "

  • Article 13- Disclaimer
    1. The platform has no the behavior of actual delivery, delivery and payment involved. The actual payment, delivery, goods delivery are for the trade between both parties who are buyers and sellers。591 is not involved.
    2.591 only offer platform. 591 is not involved with the transaction that relative to the trade between the members. 591 won't take the responsible for the damage compensation for the dispute caused by the trade.
    3. On the following situations, 591 will not be responsible for:
     A) War, incident, other natural disaster, the nation emergency situation and force majeure situation.
     B) The damage compensation by member / user caused intentionally or negligently.
     C) The communication barriers because of communication service provider.

  • Article 14- Substitute and Guarantee Deny
    1.591 is not the substitute for the member.
    2.591 will not take the liability of warrant for defects for the true and the false 、the quality 、goods delivery and other trading conditions.
    3.591 is not responsible for the behavior of trading among the member and all the website's links which are independent operating sites.

Chapter 7 The intellectual property protection

  • Article 15- The intellectual property protection
    All of the pictures, the programs, the design, construction drawings, writings, files, information, data and the contents of the website are used in 591 website which are not allowed to use, modify, reproduce, publicly broadcast, convert, distribute, publicly transmit, publish, reverse engineer or reverse compile Solutions Group to unravel without the authorization of 591 and the person has the right. If there is any violation, needs to be punished according with the copyright law 、related laws and regulations. Also needs to be responsible for the damages. (Including, but not limited to litigation costs and attorneys' fees, etc.)

  • Article 16- Services announcement and change
    Modifications and variations on this contract services required by the decision of 591. The detail will be informed through 591 announcement.

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