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Privacy Statement

This privacy statement is provided with the service for www. 591khmer.com included domain and sub domain names (hereinafter referred to as the "Website"). You agree with the terms and conditions of this Privacy Statement when you use this site. If you do not agree, please do not use or obtain the services we provide.
As described below, your personal data may be disclosed to a third party and be used by us and the third party. You accept this privacy statement and Member Agreement / Terms of Service when you register 591khmer. You agree that we can use and disclose your personal information. This privacy statement is a part of the membership contract / terms of service.

We collect information

  • 1. We collect the main purpose of your personal information is for providing you the website with a smooth, efficient and service-specific options. Also provide you the best services and features what you needs.
  • 2. In general, you can browse and use the services we provide (including, but not limited to this website, instant messaging software, notification etc.) without telling us who you are or reveal any personal information. However, you are no longer anonymous once you provide personal information to us. If you choose to use our services, we may ask you to provide contact and identification information and other personal information provided by various forms by our website. We will try to point out what information must be provided or some of them have the options. No need to provide some information if you don't want to use some functions or services in this site. Except providing your email to register 591khmer for transaction.
  • 3. We will collect some data based on your behavior on our website automatically. We do the internal research to understand our members and provide the better service for our group by using this information. This information may be included where URL your from (no matter this URL is on our website), where next URL you go (no matter this URL is on our website), which browser you are using and your IP address.
  • 4. We use cookies collection devices in some of web pages to help analyze our web page flow conditions, measure the effectiveness of promotional activities and increase the trust and safety. "Cookies are small files which are stored on your computer or mobile device to help us to serve specific options. We offer some of the features that are only provided by cookies. It can be reduced to input the number of passwords and help us to provide you the information what you interesting. Most cookies are stage-type cookies, meaning they will be automatically deleted after ending usage from your computer or mobile device. You have the right to reject our cookies by your browser although you may be unable to use certain features on our site and must re-enter the password frequently.
  • 5. Additionally, you may encounter cookies which are stored or some kind of similar devices by a third person in some web pages on our site. For example, you browse a Web page created by the members themselves which may be placed cookie. We do not control the cookies were used by third person.
  • 6. If you sell or purchase products in our website, we can collect your trading data in 591 website.

We want to know that you have collected or gathered detailed information about you and who have the right to obtain such information, please read the following statements:

We use your personal information

  • 1. We use your data to help us to provide you with the requested service. We use the personal information in the archives you create and the other information we obtain from your current or past behavior on the site to resolve disputes, maintenance barriers and the implementation of our members’ contracts. Occasionally, we may examine multiple members to identify problems or resolve disputes. Also in particular, we may check your information to identify members of those who use more than one member account or assumed name.
  • 2. You agree that we use your personal information to enhance our marketing and promotion, statistical analysis for the site and the services. We customize the content、web design and services of the website by customer demand and improve and adjust the website to reach the necessary of our members.

We disclose your personal information

  • We could not ensure that all of your private communications and other personal information will never be leaked by the other way except this privacy statement. Because in some cases we may provide information to the government or a third person, or a third person may be illegal to intercept or access transmissions or private communications. We do not promise it. Although we take appropriate security controls to protect your privacy under comply with regulations and standards. We did not promise with it still has the risk that your personal information or private communications could be transmitted to the outside.


  • We collect (gather information from all the Member's account) profile and provide to the advertiser and the other third party that is not for the purpose to disclose the personally identifiable, is for the marketing and advertisement promotion. But even in this case, we would not disclose anything that could be used to identify your personal information t, such as your name, email address, password, credit card numbers and bank account numbers, that never been exposed to the marketing Advertiser.

Outsourcing company or service providers

  • We may enhance our services (for example: search, message boards, questionnaire)through outsourcing company or service providers. They may access or collect some of your personal information directly. (such as we require outsourcing company or service provider to do an investigation for us). It is restricted by confidentiality contract. If you provide additional personal information to outsourcing company or service providers by yourself directly that should be restricted by their privacy statement specification.

Other companies Organization

  • We may continue to develop our business, we may sell, buy, merge or partner with other companies or businesses. In such transactions, user information may be among the transferred assets. We may also disclose your information in response to a court order, at other times when we believe we are reasonably required to do so by law. Please note we may not provide you with notice prior to disclosure in such cases.

Your use the information of the other members

  • In order to facilitate transactions and enhance interaction among all members of the site under the Terms of Service, our service allows you access other members contact information in a limitation. Members can get the membership number, e-mail address and other information each other. Except we and the other members make an agreement after a full explanation, in any condition you could not disclose the other membership's personal information to the third party under the terms of service, privacy statement and the rules and statement in the website in the current or in the future. Please note that it is not the same with the officials who have the law powerful and the persons who have been certified to have the right to participate in and the others who have the right holders to be given the access permissions.

Your password control

  • You should take the responsibility for your member ID and password. We do not recommend that you disclose member account and password to any third person. Otherwise you should be in charge of it by yourself. You should review the privacy statements of a third party. If you lose control of your password, you may lose the essence of your personal data control and may be subject to your binding acts on behalf of the establishment. Therefore, you must change it according to the method below immediately if your password is unsafe no matter any reason.

Review and change your personal identifiable information

  • We offer you can sign in、review automatically 、change the information you provide us and input new date in our website. Generally, we do not modify your data as your request because it is very difficult. Get into this site, Homepage → Sign in → Member Center → profile / password, you can change your email address, contact information and password. You must be updated instantly sort if you have transaction data.
    You could not modify or remove the information once you post in any public area or the feedback area in our website.
    In some case, we will retain the information in our files that you have requested to remove. For example, resolve disputes, maintenance problems and the implementation of the membership contract / Terms of Service. Based on technical and legal constraints, including access to the backup system, the previous information won't be removed from our database completely. Therefore, you should not expect all of your personal information as you requested will be removed from our database completely.

Other information gathered by

  • This statement only to your specification we collect, processing and use of personal data. You should take the legal responsibility if you disclose your information to others in our website or other sites throughout the Internet, whether they are bidders, buyers or sellers and they use and disclose the information which you offer. We publish the advertisement by the third party who should obey their own privacy statements. This site could not control and modify the third party's privacy statement. You should be bound by the third party's privacy policies before you disclose personal information to the other people. We encourage you to ask questions.


  • This site comply with laws and regulations to protect the confidentiality of your personal information. This site takes the information as their assets which is unauthorized access and necessary to protect for granted. We protect such information to keep away from the members who were unauthorized to access from internal and external.


  • Please note that this Privacy Statement is the only standard for protecting your privacy. Please note the update privacy statement anytime.


  • We have the right to post and modify this privacy statement on our website anytime. Any modification of privacy statement takes effect immediately once posted on our website.

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